Extract from 'Is': Chapter 9

"The SS Great Britain of course was nothing compared to my final triumph," she said, "I was determined to launch the greatest ship in the history of mankind. And I did!"

"Ssh!" I whispered at her and shook my hand from side to side to try and make her stop. But she wouldn't, she was completely oblivious of everything around her.

"The Great Eastern was to be that ship. And I, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, was the engineer to design it."

"Shut up Is!" I hissed. But it was too late, everyone started giggling. And Mr Phillips tried to restore order.

"OK, that's enough, Isabel."

She obviously didn't hear him.

"The Great Eastern was not merely a very great ship. She was, Sir, at 692 feet long, twice the size of anything else afloat. Six times the size of my own Great Britain. That is why we had to launch her sideways. She was far too long to launch in the normal manner."

"I said you can stop." said Mr Phillips loudly.

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